Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knitting and Schooling

I love knitting. I'm not terribly good at it, but I love it.  I usually knit only during our Saturday night movie night, but lately I have been on a mission to fit knitting into my daily life. I find knitting (as long as the pattern is easy!) very relaxing. It helps me stay in the moment more; it heightens my awareness of what's going on around me. Knitting forces me to slow down, to breathe more easily. With my hands busy, my mind feels freer to think, to talk, and maybe....to teach?

I wish I could remember where, but a few weeks ago I read about a mom who knits while tutoring her kids in math. The knitting helps her to relax, to not feel so rushed and stressed if there is difficulty during the lesson. Math is sometimes stressful in our house. Christopher in particular doesn't care for it, and has some special needs that make completing a lesson a bit of a challenge.  This week, as an experiment, I am going to try knitting while helping him through problems or going over a worksheet. Normally, I am running around, setting things up for our next lesson, sweeping the floor, switching over laundry, etc. while he's working. I am hoping that if I can slow down while he's working, he will slow down and not be so easily frustrated.

And of course, I am hoping that the daily math lesson will become a time that he and I can look forward to, instead of dreading. At the very least, I'll get my in-progress-scarf done right?

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  1. I like the idea of knitting during math - it seems it would relax me enough to make math calmer. Not that I am a very good knitter! I started learning maybe a year ago, and due to everything else in life didn't even quite finish my first project yet!


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