Monday, January 16, 2012

The Week Ahead

This week is starting out bitterly cold. Only 2 degrees F when I woke up this morning!

A few plans for the week....

Lessons...We will continue with our new Charlotte Mason style plan, which has been working so well and is such a breath of fresh air after following a more structured curriculum. I made up my checklists for the week yesterday afternoon, as I usually do, and was amazed that it took me only 15 minutes to plan the week!! It usually takes closer to an hour, so that was a big time win. I used up the extra time trying to force the frozen duck coop door to close. Ugh. Can winter be I am also hoping to start up nature study again. We'll be beginning with the ideas for this week's Outdoor Hour Challenge.

In the Kitchen...We've got Christopher's 9th birthday coming up on Sunday, so naturally there'll be two cakes in the works: one for our afternoon family get-together, and one for an after dinner treat. He wants a Swedish Fish cake, which is simply a yellow sheet cake with blue frosting decorated with Swedish Fish. And his other cake will be a chocolate cake with strawberry jam filling, topped with chocolate frosting and fresh strawberries. Man, I love birthday cake!

House Remodel....We're plugging right along. This week we'll get the carpet down in Rose's purple room.  She's been bunking with us her whole life so moving her out will be a bit bittersweet, but she's excited. Our three season room is coming along nicely.  I cannot wait until they finish up and get out so I can start decorating it! It will have glass panes for the winter, screens for summer. Here's an inprogress shot...

For myself...I've been trying to be good about including both reading and moments of creativity in my day. I find it's easier if I plan for these. So this week, I am reading A Small Hotel and Keeping Bees (and pondering keeping bees....). I also hope to make some more heart barrettes, this time in Valentine colors, and practice sewing with my new machine. I'm making cloth napkins as my first project. And of course, I'll be posting more here, on my new blog! I still haven't told anyone I know that it exists. It's like my secret hideway or something.

Farming Stuff ...Aside from keeping poultry water from freezing and doing the usual chores, not much. I'm debating beekeeping, as I said and also reading up on tapping maple trees! Winter is a good time for reading.

Fun....The kids all got cookie cutters for Christmas and there's a batch of sugar cookie dough chilling in the fridge, a nice activity for a chilly MLK afternoon. We will be taking a trip up to Maine for an early birthday lunch for Christopher. He wants fried clams:)

Hope anyone out there that might be reading has a great week!

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