Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Chinese New Year Plans

This year, I have been trying to celebrate a few extra holidays with the kids each month. I find that it really encourages me to stay in the moment more and focus on the season at hand. And it's just fun to have excuses to celebrate more often!

January is a month particularly lacking in major holidays. Besides Christopher's birthday (he just turned 9 yesterday!), and New Year's Day, there isn't anything else we have done to celebrate. January is a long, cold month in New England though, and a few extra holidays and special things to look forward to will break it up nicely. So....Chinese New Year is a must celebrate this year. Grace and I are both Year of the Dragon, making today even more special.

A few plans:

Making these colorful fortune cookies. I never thought of making fortune cookies myself, but it looks quite easy and fun.

Making Chinese lanterns to decorate the kids' rooms. A nice little splash of color on an otherwise dreary day, which today is shaping up to be.

Having a Chinese feast. We have some frozen premade dumplings to cook up. These are always a hit with the kids, though I can't say I'm a big fan! We might try making egg drop soup-it looks easy enough. More likely though, we'll call Dad to see if he can pick up some noodles and vegetables at the takeout Chinese restaurant. I've tried cooking Chinese many times, and I am sorry to say, I am nearly always disappointed with the results!

I'll be back later to post pictures of our (hopefully successful) doings. I have already had one child ask me if he had to make a lantern. I just have to breathe deeply and let go of my vision of all of them happily particiapting with me. One of the four is always interested!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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