Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Three Season Room

The decking is all laid down on our three season room/screenporch. We are using stock screen doors for the walls of the room. The doors have interchangeable glass panels, making the room count as  a three season room. It's got southern exposure too, so I have my fingers crossed that it will work well in spring/fall too...and maybe even those February thaw days.

I am so excited for this space. I've been dreaming of this space ever since we moved in 12 years ago, and now that we are doing it I am just oh-so-excited. I have so many plans for this lovely big space off the kitchen.

I think we will eat breakfast out there any day that it's warm enough. We're going to put a picnic table out there. It will be such a nice way to start the day, eating outdoors. And no bugs!! Naturally we will eat lunch out here whenever we can.  And dinner, whenever it is warm enough.

Our birdfeeders and suet holders are on a Japanese Maple tree that stands just outside the room. It will be a lovely place to watch birds and work on our nature journals.

And speaking of nature journals, the porch will be a lovely place to do our lessons too! We will have a dining area and a seating area with wicker couches. I love the idea of reading out here, both with the kids, and more importantly by myself. Hopefully that's not wishful thinking. I realize I am waxing very poetic here. Feel free to snicker.

Game nights. We usually set aside one night a week as our family game night, when we break out a board game or two. The porch will be  a fun place to do this come summertime. And we can watch the bats too.

A sleeping place.  I picture the porch being a great place to sleep on a hot summer night or two. The kids could unfurl sleeping pads and bags right on the floor. I'm taking the couch, though. 

Those are just a few of the things I dream about while I watch the porch being built. And if you're looking for specifics, as I was when we first started designing, this porch is about 21 feet by 15 feet. It's attached to the back our Cape Cod style house. The back of a Cape is often quite bland, especially when the upstairs has a full dormer, as ours does. The porch really dresses up the back of the house, I think. I was afraid of the loss of light coming into the kitchen, but so far it seems fine. At times our kitchen was really too sunny, now it is a bit dimmer, but still plenty bright. Like I said, this is the south side of the house.

Now I am on  a mission to find something to call the room. Screen porch isn't wholly accurate, since it will have the glass panels more often than not. Three season room is too wordy and.... blah. Maybe just "the porch"?

Something to think about.

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