Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How We Do Charlotte Mason: Poetry

We have a very simple poetry method around here. Every day at our snack break, around 10 o'clock, I read a poem aloud. I read the same poem each day for one week. The first day we discuss it a little, on the other days I just read it. Currently, we are working through Poetry For Young People: Robert Frost. We have several of the other books in this series. They are all beautifully illustrated, and they all focus on just one poet: very Charlotte Mason friendly. I love this particular volume, because the poems are broken up by season. We have been reading through the winter poems for the past couple weeks.

In addition to the daily poem, the kids choose one poem at a time to work on memorizing.  They usually choose from Favorite Poems Old and New, or one of the Jack Prelutsky books. The boys choose Prelutsky poems pretty much every time. My inclination is to encourage (or make) them pick a more "serious" poet. But they like poetry, and that's what's important to me right now.  So I let them pick what they like. They read the poem to themselves three times, three days a week.

When they feel like they have their poem memorized, I have them write it out from memory.  I copy out a line or two at a time for James to copy, since he needs more help with spelling. The kids work on writing out their poems a little each week during copywork time. I encourage them to illustrate their poems, but so far, only Grace enjoys doing so. Finished poems are filed in the kids' language arts binder. Then they choose a new poem to learn.

That's how we do poetry for now. I just signed up for the Bravewriter emails though, and I really like her poetry teatime idea, so I  may try to fit that into our routine as well.

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  1. I just checked, and our library has a number of the Poetry for Young People books - very exciting! I too signed up for the Brave Writer Lifestyle tips and am trying to work everything in.


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