Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How We Do Charlotte Mason: Lessons

I have come up with a routine for our lessons each day. I would call it a schedule, but there are not particular times associated with anything, nor do we necessarily do things in the same order each day. I would love to have everything happen according to my pretty plan...don't plans always look so nice on paper? But naturally, each day is prone to it's own chaos and with four children odds are one of them (at least) will be difficult....so the order of things is often screwed up. However,  this routine is so simple that even when issues crop up, we can still usually get our work done.

I do start each day with the read-aloud, because it's easier to get everyone together for that before they go off in separate directions. And then we do follow with math. While I am working one on one with one child, the other kids are working on their independent lists. Or, more likely, fighting with each other, running around in circles, daydreaming in the bathroom, or sneaking off to play with Legos (!)...but they are supposed to be working on their independent lists. And for the most part, they do.

The independent list includes:

Poem Memory Work
Read a chapter or two from your lit. book
Read a chapter from either your science book or your history biography (alternate days)
Review Latin chants (Grace and Christopher only)
Piano Practice (Christopher and James only)
Typing (Grace) 2 times per week
Listen to a folksong on the computer daily

So our lesson routine (Monday-Thursday) goes like this:

Read Aloud Lit (all)
Math for all
Copywork and Dictation OR Latin and Phonics (alternate days)
Snack break with poem read-aloud
History or Science Reading (alternate days)
Write a paper on history (Monday) or science (Thursday). On Tuesdays we don't write, but do picture study. And on Wednesdays we stop early for gymnastics.
Finish up independent work

Our Friday Schedule
Watch Spanish DVD
Do an Art Project while listening to our composer
Work on nature journals and nature study. If weather is poor, read and do experiments from Physics lab in a Housewares Store.

Friday is a short day because we have homeschool group.

And that's our routine. It's pretty simple, and so far at least, it's working quite well. We are often finished in just three hours on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and then Wednesday and Friday are slightly shorter. I do feel like a slacker when we're all done and sitting down to lunch at noon...I'm trying to get over that feeling, because the lightened workload is also oh-so-freeing.

I will post details on how we do each of these subjects in future posts!

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  1. I love this - I am a big Charlotte Mason fan, and I think your approach is simple enough to be manageable! I'll be watching for more posts.


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