Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas?

Well it is inside our home at least! I've been checking the weather forecast obsessively regularly, in the hopes that at least a small snowstorm will head our way, but no such luck. It looks like the view out my window will stay...green.

It's pretty, but it's not a white Christmas, you know? Those are the start of our Christmas cards hanging in the window. I have another stack I have to put up. I just stretched a ribbon from one side to the other, securing it to the sides of the window frame with pushpins, which are neatly hidden behind the curtains. I will be putting up another ribbon strand along the top of the window, and probably a couple more in the window across the room. Every day when we open our cards, we will just use a clothespin to attach the card to the ribbon. Easy and pretty.

These are the sesame seed cookies (or benne wafers) that we took to our homeschool group's "holidays around the world get-together". We were in charge of brining items to represent Kwanzaa. Now I have to admit that I knew nothing about Kwanzaa before this little project- and it is a really wonderful holiday! I am planning on incorporating a few traditions into our celebrations next year. So we brought along the benne wafers, and this Kwanzaa bingo game, along with a printout of Kwanzaa symbols.

In other random news....Grace turned 11 last week! I can't belive we have an 11 year old. She's such a great kid- and so very artsy. For her birthday party this past weekend she wanted a Christmas tree cake, so Daddy oblingingly carved one from a 13 x 9 yellow sheet cake. We topped it with green icing (because frosting is too sweet, she says) and mint red and green M & M's.

We got her a bead ring kit for her birthday which has kept her quite busy. I requested a Christmas ring from her, and she finished it today...

Isn't it festive?

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